A Guide to the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most stunning and amazing ocean monuments on the planet. The reef is located in Australia and can be explored using a variety of different scuba diving techniques including the deep-sea diving techniques.

The Great Barrier Reef covers about fifteen thousand square kilometers.

This would make it the largest coral reef on the planet. The corals can grow to be up to a meter thick. One hundred and twenty-five species of fish can be found in the Great Barrier Reef.

The reefs are a magnificent display of natural beauty and are considered to be a national monument. If you plan on visiting the Great Barrier Reef and scuba diving, you must take the time to see the incredible beauty that these magnificent corals can offer.

Not only do the corals provide natural beauty, but they also provide a home to a number of animals that live on the reef. Some of the animals that have been spotted on the Great Barrier Reef include mantas, sharks, turtles, dugongs, whales, dolphins, seahorses, and hermit crabs. These creatures are known to frequent the reefs and make great friends for divers to observe.


Divers can choose to dive with schools of fish, which can be quite a sight. You can usually find schooling schools of fish that are in a number of different colors. The schools are so large because the fish consume large amounts of algae and debris that float around the reef.

In order to go diving, you will need to decide where you want to go and where you want to dive. There are three areas that are home to the largest number of marine life; these areas are Cape Tribulation, Cocos Islands, and Kangaroo Island.

However, if you wish to see the reef at its greatest, you should visit the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island. In order to reach Lizard Island, you will need to have a boat that can dive and explore the ocean floor. Once on the island, you will want to head for the sea cliffs that overlook the reef.

There are many scenic cliffs on the reef that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Great Barrier Reef.


Stay Up To Date With The Great Barrier Reef

There are several ways that you can learn more about the Great Barrier Reef. The best way to learn more about the reef is by taking the time to travel there and getting familiar with the area.